PRESS RELEASE ETK EMS Group acquire ALPHA Elektronik A/S

April 2022
ETK EMS Group acquires ALPHA Elektronik A/S and extends its Danish footprint
ALPHA Elektronik A/S will be a fully integrated division in the ETK EMS Group
ETK EMS Group with headquarter in Skanderborg Denmark expands its activities in the Danish EMS market by acquiring all shares and activities in ALPHA Elektronik A/S located in Næstved, Zealand.
With this acquisition, ETK EMS Group now holds three locations in Denmark (Skanderborg, Sønderborg and Næstved). Besides these locations in Denmark, ETK EMS Group also serves the rapidly growing electronic market from our factories in Rayong, Thailand.

Acquiring medium size EMS companies seems to have become a part of our DNA, as this is the 3rd time, we at ETK EMS Group have taken steps to invite and implement colleagues from the EMS market into our philosophy of serving the industrial electronic market. Previously ETK EMS Group acquired Zoma Electronics A/S as well as Delfi Electronics A/S.

For nearly a decade, we have had natural and very positive dialogues as branch colleagues with owners and management of ALPHA Elektronik A/S and this has now led to this change of ownership, Torben Drejer, VP & Partner at ETK EMS Group comments. To be honest, we have had a crush on ALPHA for several years, so it is wonderful finally to be able to meet all the fantastic staff in Næstved as new colleagues. We knew from before that our ways of going to market in many perspectives were similar, and with the extensive digital changes made by André R. Grundahl for the last year, this is even more obvious, Torben Drejer continues.

To secure seamless customer and system integration from ALPHA to ETK EMS I am pleased to announce that Director André R. Grundahl and the management team continue their position in Næstved. We are also looking forward to welcoming ALPHA customers, employees and suppliers to the Group, and we are looking forward to continuing the superb high service level as always delivered by ALPHA. Our intentions of this acquisition is not only to keep the present market position in the region but also to increase by more local production in Næstved as well as opening up for customers to be served locally with access to ETK EMS Group production facilities in Thailand. All ETK EMS Group entities benefit from having exactly the same systems and setups on all sites.

ALPHA Director André R. Grundahl comments: The owners and Management team at ALPHA are all very pleased to become part of the ETK EMS Group, which will for sure be a huge benefit for our customers and employees. With the extreme difficult market situation, we have had for the last 2 years and will probably have for minimum another year, it has shown a clear internal demand for extra resources and finances. ETK EMS Group together with their main shareholder, Blue Equity, can provide this support and we look forward to seeing ALPHA exploiting its potential in the years to come.

Transfer of ownership took place on April 1, 2022.

The company will continue under the ALPHA Elektronik A/S name until final system integration in ETK EMS Group is expected late 2022.

Additional information:
o Torben Drejer, ETK EMS Group, +45 51 34 91 88
o André R. Grundahl, ALPHA Elektronik A/S, + 45 23 82 00 82