April 29 th, 2022
New CEO at ETK EMS Group

ETK EMS Group with headquarters in Skanderborg and divisions in Sønderborg and Næstved in Denmark as well as factories in Rayong, Thailand is pleased to announce that our new CEO, Ulrik Enggaard will join the company June 1, 2022.

Ulrik Enggaard will be replacing present CEO & partner Thomas Vinter.
Thomas will continue in a leading role developing the business concepts.

Back in August 2021, when ETK EMS Group invited Blue Equity to take part ownership of the company (60%), it was already announced, that one of the targets for the first year was to find a new CEO for the Group. Both partners, Thomas Vinter and Torben Drejer, had a clear ambition of seeking more time to develop specialized business areas inside the ETK EMS Group.

“Thomas Vinter has driven the company to an excellent digitalized market leader, and he is looking forward to investing even more time into this area. Torben Drejer is looking forward to spending more time with our valued international accounts, as well as being involved in executing our acquisition strategy”, Peter A. Poulsen, Chairman of the Board at ETK EMS Group comments.

55 year old Ulrik Enggaard comes with a degree in electronic engineering as well as high-level education in organization. Ulrik Enggaard has worked in positions as Technical Manager, COO, CEO and VP in the Danish industry in companies such as Purup-Eskofot, Terma, EuroCom Industries, KK Electronics, Martin Professional and Labflex Group.

Ulrik Enggaard comments:” I have been following ETK EMS Group for years, and I also had the pleasure of being a customer to the Company, so for me it is with great respect and a high level of gratitude that both Thomas and Torben together with Blue Equity are willing to engage me in securing the future success of ETK EMS in close cooperation with the many good colleagues. I cannot wait to get familiar with and meet all the employees, and I am looking forward to being the Group CEO for all sites. With the latest acquisition of Alpha Elektronik, the ETK EMS Group has already proven capable in executing the first steps of the new strategy”.

We wish Ulrik Enggaard a warm welcome to ETK EMS Group, and we are looking forward to a productive and successful collaboration over the years to come.

Additional information:
o Peter A. Poulsen, Chairman of the Board, + 45 51 51 40 69
o Ulrik Enggaard, CEO, ETK EMS Group, +45 20 80 17 99
o Torben Drejer, VP & Partner, ETK EMS Group, +45 51 34 91 88

The electronic manufacturing company ETK EMS supports a wide variety of companies within industries in climate technology, IoT, robotics, wind power, healthcare/medico, transportation, automotive and entertainment. ETK EMS is being production and logistical partner for their customers utilizing their global footprint.

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