ETK EMS was established in 1978 and grew rapidly over the next few years mainly working for a few local companies. 

The strategy has changed since then as outsourcing of production to sub contractors became more and more popular in the businesses ETK EMS targets, as such ETK EMS today is a true Global company, servicing customers throughout the world, offering, assembly of PCBA’s, mechanical assemblies, box-build solutions and tailored logistics for end customer shipments.

Providing excellent technical machine capabilities is mandatory for staying competitive in the EMS business.

What differentiate ETK EMS is the keen focus on data and handling of logistics, procurement and planning in one global ERP system, enabling ETK EMS to offer transparent and on-line information, such as Order Status, Forecast overview, Liability control, End Of Life monitoring, Consignment Stock and so much more.

Delivery of prototypes in 10 working days is another important ETK EMS commitment.

Servicing our customers the need for a more competitive production in high volume has resulted in expansion of ETK EMS production area.

As of May 2016 ETK EMS opened yet another factory in Rayong providing production space to exceed 15.000 m2.

Today ETK EMS is having three production facilities in Denmark, one at the headquarter in Skanderborg, an affiliate in Sønderborg, an affiliate in Næstved, and a fourth factory in Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, in Rayong in Thailand.